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50+ Cactus and Succulent Wedding Invitations

cactus and succulent wedding invitations

Are you inspired, or even in love with cacti, or succulents and see these as great addition to your wedding? Then you should definitely announce your rustic barn, vintage, bohemian, or succulent-inspired wedding party with one of our cherry-picked succulent wedding invitations. They come in an array of colors to compliment your chosen color scheme. You will find combinations of green and pink, purple, peach and many other colors.

Nonetheless, the succulent experience doesn’t have to stop with invitations only. Succulents are a great addition to almost any wedding and you can get some stunning succulent bouquets, boutonniere pins, table centrepieces, cake decorations, or even cute succulent wedding favors to give out to your guests.

So without further ado, let’s find your most loved cactus, or succulent wedding card, shall we? Because, who said that finding a perfect cacti wedding invitation has to be prickly.

Succulent and Plum Roses
Watercolor Plum Roses and Succulent Wedding Invitation

Succulent Surround
Rustic Greenery and Succulent Wedding Invitation
Floral Bouquet with Succulents
Pink Flowers and Succulents Wedding Card

Rustic Succulents
Rustic Watercolor Succulent Wedding Card

Cacti Wedding Invitations

Painted Desert
Painted Desert Wedding Invitations
Simple Cactus
simple cactus watercolor Wedding Invitations
Rustic Succulents
Rustic Watercolor Succulent Wedding Card

Echeveria with Purple Ribbon
Watercolor Succulent Wedding Card

Rustic Succulent Wreath
Rustic Succulent Wedding Invitation

Vintage Succulents
Vintage Succulent Wedding Card

Peonies, Roses and Succulents
Succulents and Pink FlowersWedding Card

Succulent and Peach Roses
Watercolor Peach Roses and Succulents Wedding Card

Little inspiration - Succulent Wedding Favors

Give a gift that grows,
or decorate your rustic succulent inspired wedding with these adorable succulent plants inside wood boxes, ceramic pots, or round glass

Rustic Succulent Wreath
Rustic Desert Succulent Wreath Wedding Invitation

Botanical Wedding
Botanical Wedding Card

Prickly Cactus
Green Watercolor Cactus Wedding Card

Colorful Succulents
Watercolor Succulent Wedding Card

Succulent Wreath
Succulent Wreath Botanical Wedding Card

Boho Watercolor SucculentsBoho Watercolor Succulent Wedding Card

Lantern and Succulents
Lantern and Succulents Wedding Invitations

Lovely Succulents
Colorful Succulent Wedding Card

Floral Wreath with Succulents
Vintage Floral Wreath with Succulents Wedding Card

Succulents and Chalkboard
Succulent and Chalkboard Wedding Invitation

Succulent Bouquet
Colorful Succulent Wedding Invitation

Blush and Teal Succulents
Blush and Teal Watercolor Cactus Wedding Card

Boho Cactus Wreath
Boho Cactus and Succulent Wreath Wedding Card

Save money on your wedding stationery

Wow your guests with these all-in-one wedding invitations and save money at the same time – no envelopes required – RSVP postcard that is addressed and ready for your guests to mail included

a few Examples of All-in-one wedding invitations

Cactus Wreath
Cactus Wreath Wedding Invite

Colorful Succulents
Colorful Succulent Wedding Invitation

Rhapsody Wedding Invitations
Succulent Gold
Colorful Succulent Wedding Invitation

Cactus and Succulent Wreath
Cactus and Succulent Wreath

Succulents in a Lantern
Rustic Succulents in a Lantern Wedding Invitation

Succulent WreathSucculent Wreath Wedding Invitation

Desert Succulents
Desert Succulent Wedding Invitation - Stone

Potted Cactus
Potted Cactus Wedding Invitation

Succulent Bouquet
Succulent Bouquet Wedding Invitations

Peonies and Succulents
Peonies and Succulents Wedding Invitations

Figs and Succulents
Figs and Succulents Wedding Invitations

Green Succulents
Green Succulents Wedding Invitations

Blooming Cactus
Blooming Cactus Wedding Invitation

Stylish Succulents
Modern Pink and Blue Succulent Wedding Card

Rustic Watercolor Succulents
Rustic Watercolor Succulent Wedding Invitations

Watercolor Succulents and Roses
Watercolor Succulent Wedding Invitation

Sunday Succulent
Sunday Succulent Wedding Invitations
Vintage Succulent
Rustic Watercolor Succulent Wedding Invitations

Romantic Succulent
Romantic Succulent Wedding Invitations

Succulent and Baby’s Breath
Succulent and Baby's Breath Wedding Invitations

Simple Cactus
Simple Cactus Wedding Invitations

Watercolor Succulent
Watercolor Succulent Wedding Invitations

Pretty Blooms
Pretty Blooms Wedding Invitations

Pink and Turquoise Cacti
Pink and Turquoise Cacti Wedding Invitations

Flowers and Succulents
Flowers and Succulents Wedding Invitations

Any luck with finding your favorite wedding card from our selection of cactus and succulent wedding invitations? Hopefully, you didn’t get too many spines while getting your hands on one. We are rather curious to know which one is your favorite one. Please, share it with us in the comments below.

Furthermore, if you are looking for some succulent wedding inspiration, we invite you to visit our Pinterest board for some ideas on succulent inspired weddings.

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